Zootopia Character Pack Mchorn And Safety Squirrel

  • $10.99

McHorn is a hefty and strong rhinoceros police officer – bad guys, beware. But McHorn’s great size does not always work to his advantage and can sometimes weigh him down. That’s where Safety Squirrel comes into play. He does not take his job lightly, warning the other animals to stay out of the way. The poseable 4.5” McHorn Figure and 1” Safety Squirrel Figure are in scale with all of the other Zootopia Character Pack Figures. Your child can collect the entire herd of the Zootopia Character Pack Figures and Vehicles and recreate the scenes from Zootopia! Officer McHorn's size and strength are an incredible advantage in his work as a police officer.

The McHorn Figure is 4.5” tall and has poseable arms and legs. Don’t underestimate him, he’s just as tough as he looks! McHorn’s size can be dangerous to the smaller animals, so Safety Squirrel does his part to clear the way when large animals are around. The Safety Squirrel Figure stands at 1” tall. He’s just a little guy, but his safety helmet has a light on it so he’s sure to be seen.

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