Zootopia Character Pack Judy And Bellwether

  • $10.99

Officer Judy Hopps and Assistant Mayor Bellwether have one thing in common (besides their cotton-tails): they both believe that in Zootopia anyone can be anything so don’t count the little mammal out. The 3” Judy Figure and 2.5” Bellwether Figure are poseable and are in scale with all of the other Zootopia Character Pack Figures. Your child can collect the entire herd of the Zootopia Character Pack Figures and Vehicles and can recreate the scenes from Zootopia! Judy Hopps is an optimistic bunny from Bunnyburrow. She believes that in Zootopia, anyone can be anything.

The Judy Figure is 3” tall and has poseable arms, neck, and legs. She’s not very big, but let me tell you, criminals won’t want to hop across her path. She’s up for any hare-raising adventure and is determined to show everyone that a bunny really can be a cop. Bellwether is the soft spoken, often overlooked assistant mayor. But this sheep is no follower. She’s a champion of the underdog, the first to say, “Us little guys need to stick together!” The Bellwether Figure has a poseable neck and stands at 2.5” tall. The citizens of Zootopia can rely on Assistant Mayor Bellwether to be the most unaba-a-a-shed voice of the little animals!

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