Zap Chef Microwave Rice Cooker & Vegetable Steamer

  • $29.99

Zap chef rice cooker. The easy way to cook rice. Add rice & water, put in the microwave for 12 minutes and enjoy your rice that tastes like it was made on the stove top.

The benefit of these cookers is that you can cook rice in about half the time that it normally takes, and it’s nearly impossible to overcook the rice. These rice cookers can also be used to cook similar dishes like polenta, quinoa, and couscous. Features a steamer basket that makes it fast and easy to steam vegetables, pasta, and other foods. By cooking and serving in one container you can save time, energy and space in your kitchen. Simply fill the base with the ingredients, close securely and place in the microwave. Cook and serve in the same container. Leftover rice and/or grains can also be stored in the refrigerator and re-heated in the microwave as needed. A Must-Have.