Russ Berrie Yomiko Sea Turtle 14

Russ Berrie Yomiko Sea Turtle 14

  • $12.99

Somewhere, beyond the sea...Yomiko Classics brings you sharks, dolphins, baby seals and more! This realistic assortment of plush sea life is just what you have been "wading" for! 

This Yomiko stuffed 16" Sea Turtle by Russ Berrie looks so life-like and soft. Each animal exhibits air brushed features, crystal eyes and is hand trimmed. Made with plush Caress fabric which is remarkably soft to the touch. These realistic and quality plushes are sure to delight all ages! This playful and captivating Sea Turtle will be treasured by someone special!

Fantastic life-like natural sea life Sea Turtle is part of Russ Berrie's Yomiko collection and includes The Yomiko Classics Charm and Special Hangtag

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