Messi Pro Training Ball Limited Edition Championship Cup Ball Size 3

  • $18.99

Perfect your football skills with this Lionel Messi Training System Training Ball. These size 3 soccer practice balls are available in blue, red and white. Inspired by the Argentinean footballer who plays for the Spanish club FC Barcelona this soccer ball is great for improving your foot control, shooting skills, precision, accuracy and playing keep ups. Ideal for playing alone or with others in the garden or at the park, great rebounder for soccer and control belt. Need some dribbling practice? Young soccer beginners can use the attached ergonomic handle to hold onto the adjustable string for practicing. Are your tired of running after the ball every time you try to dribble? This football trainer ball has an easy-grip detachable cord that allows you to practice shots and improve foot control without losing the ball. The extendable cord is height adjustable making this a wonderful soccer training aid. Ball is pre-pumped and package in a box. These are supreme soccer trainer accessories, the premium kickball out there which allows for soccer drills and practices to be successful. These training soccer balls make great gift for any occasion.

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches 

Size: 3

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