McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead AMC TV Series Prison Gate & Fence Building Set #14556 192 pcs

  • $19.99

Before the zombie apocalypse, prison was a place where freedom was taken; but for Glenn and the rest of the Atlanta survivors, it’s the place that restores their sense of freedom and safety from the hordes of the undead. Once cleared, the survivors find respite in the abandoned cell blocks. But this is short lived, and the survivors quickly discover that Walkers are not the only threat to their new way of life. The Governor has his eyes set on their most prized possession and won’t stop until it’s in his control or he’s completely destroyed it for everyone.

The Prison Gate & Fence building set includes the fencing & gate, barbed wire, walker body parts, light pole, file cabinet & debris, landscaping grass and dirt, Glenn Rhee, and Riot Gear Walker. The set, in total, is 192 pieces.

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