Match the Associations

  • $18.49

Learn and match 20 photos of familiar related objects. Teach children how to match photographed objects in an association game. Helps develop children's imagination and understanding of the relationship between different concepst. while expanding your child's general knowledge and vocabulary. Game contains 20 game cards and detailed play instructions for Beginners to Advanced play. Example: Match the puzzle piece card with a photo of a basketball to the card with a photo of a basket... Includes images: chair to table, toothpaste to toothbrush, railroad tracks to train, doll to stroller, glasses to pitcher, cassette to tape recorder, basketball to basket, rake to bucket, dust pan to broom and paint to paintbrushes. Part of the THINKING KIDS game collection by Ordaa Industries Ltd. Ages 2 to 5 years. Players 1 to 2

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