Lotto Classic Games by Kod Kod

  • $18.89

Lotto Classic contains 2 lotto games in one box! Basic lotto and shadow lotto. In this high quality lotto game, your child will learn how to match things and how to group things together and identify their shadows. Develops young imagination skills, observation skills and logical thinking as well as enhancing fine motor and language skills. The lotto game includes 2 games in an ascending order of difficulty: The familiar basic game - Identifying single objects by name and matching between the tiles and the boards on which the objects appear. Shadow lotto - Identifying objects by their shadow and by the shape of their contours. Contents: 4 double sided lotto game boards in different themes: clothing, animals, toys and food. 24 cardboard tiles with pictures and names of the objects, 6 cardboard tiles with stars for the winners and detailed instructions. Fun & educational. For ages 3 to 6. For 2 to 4 players

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