• $9.99

Super comfortable Floaties® armbands that are covered in fun prints kids will love. They look great and allow for super soft scratch free easy on and off use. The Floaties® armbands also feature a dual chamber design with non-return safety valves for the utmost in safety and water confidence. Two sizes available Infant 3 mos - 2 years (Small) and Child 2 - 6 years (Large) Recommended for children learning to swim 

Armbands are ideal for swimmers just trying buoyancy on for size. They provide just enough support to encourage young swimmers to take their toes off the bottom of the pool and practice their basic floating and kicking skills. * Warning: Use only under competent supervision. Not suitable for boating. Will not protect against drowning. This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave child in water unattended.

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