ComfiPak Small Circle Pack Gel Bead Cold & Hot (6) Pack Multi-Purpose - 4.7" X 4.7"

  • $15.99

ComfiPak combines the healing power of hot & cold therapy into one convenient pack. Enjoy extraordinary relief from your everyday aches & pains and feel the optimal therapeutic benefit.

The ComfiPak Hot & Cold Pack Pain Relief Pad conforms to all parts of the body including the back, knees, ankles and elbows. The beaded-based properties of Theramics enable you to easily mold the ComfiPak pad to any affected area for better pain relief. The flexible bead compound absorbs hot & cold temperatures, and then slowly releases hot or cold therapy over an extended period of time. It is safe and easy to use. Our radiant energy technology allows ComfiPak to heat evenly throughout without generating hot spots that can harm your skin.

⚠ WARNING: Use as directed to avoid possible injury. Test temperature by applying ComfiPak to sensitive skin, such as the underside of the wrist. Always test the ComfiPak pad inside its special cloth cover. If the ComfiPak wrap feels uncomfortable, remove for a few minutes and retest until comfortable. Do not use on infants. Pay special attention when using ComfiPak for young children and older persons whose skin may be less sensitive to temperature extremes. Persons with diabetes, circulatory problems, nerve damage, paralysis or insensitive skin should use only as directed by a physician. Consult your doctor before treating any serious injury or when pain persists.

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