LeapFrog LeapReader Writing Workbook: Write it! Talking Words Factory

  • $16.99

Show your child how vowels vocalize and consonants harmonize. Professor Quigley's Singing Words are performing in a concert. Head to the Talking Words Factory to rehearse for the show and help build words with Leap, Lily and Tad. Use the Word Whammer and the Sticky-Ick-o-Rama to learn how letters blend to create new words, trace missing vowels and write words in your workbook. Age 4-8 years Features Helps build reading and writing skills by introducing short vowels sounds, consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words, consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant (CCVC) words, word families and rhyming. Learn to combine letter sounds to make three-letter words, use common ending sounds to create rhyming words and use consonant blends to make even longer rhyming words.

 Based on LeapFrog's award-winning Talking Words Factory DVD, kids can learn how words are built and how to write them—from CVC words (like cat) and CCVC words (like stop) to rhyming words and more. Interactive audio support provides instant feedback as children practice their handwriting. No-mess system includes an interactive workbook and a Practice Pack with extra LeapFrog Learning Paper to reinforce learning through repetition. Learning Difference As children explore LeapReader books, parents can connect LeapReader to their computer and expand the learning with fun, free activities, printables and tips from experts that reinforce their school skill set. You'll be able to see their reading progress and get personalized skill insights. Works with LeapReader reading systems (sold separately). Additional Talking Words Factory Products Talking Words Factory Video Letter Factory Game Learn to Read Mysteries Collection Ultra eBook.

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