LeapFrog Disney Phineas and Ferb Learning Game

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New from LeapFrog, this innovative LeapFrog Explorer learning game helps kids learn science, math, logic & reasoning skills while on an adventure with Ferb. Build the ultimate water balloon launcher to splash Dr. Doofensmirtz' army of french-fry slinging robots! Solve mathematics problems to earn power-ups, build circuits to find spare parts, use your logic and reasoning skills to create engineering blueprints and simple machines to defeat Dr. Doofensmirtz! Appropriate for ages 5-8 years. (Works with LeapPad1 & LeapPad2 learning tablets and Leapster Explorer & LeapsterGS game systems, sold separately.)

Earn power ups by solving math problems!

Earn power ups by solving math problems!
 Experiment with angles, pulleys and levers to help Agent P

Experiment with angles, pulleys and levers to help Agent P
Learning Skills!
Get hands-on with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills to make this the best day ever! Through game play, children will complete circuits with different materials that conduct and insulate electricity, use spatial reasoning to piece together a plan for a water balloon launcher, learn about weights, pulleys and levers as you guide Agent P to his destination, practice addition, subtraction and multiplication skills to power up the balloon launcher and deactivate the stinkbots. This game teaches science skills and is appropriate for ages 5-8 years old.

The LeapFrog Difference
This Phineas and Ferb learning game adventure is designed to give children 5 to 8 an exciting introduction to STEM subjects, including physical science, engineering concepts, problem solving, logic and reasoning skills, and mathematics. Early exposure to STEM subjects lays an important foundation for children’s engagement and success in later school years. Not only are STEM subjects critical to the 21st Century curriculum, they also provide a good context for children to practice problem-solving skills.

Innovative learning approach!
LeapFrog learning games, apps and eBooks are designed by our in-house educational experts and grounded in the latest research for the richest possible learning experience. By promoting learning through play, we tap into children’s natural curiosity, inspiring them to explore. Children learn more when they’re having fun! As a leader in educational entertainment, parents trust us to combine innovation with a wide variety of play patterns to delight children and expand their learning horizons. LeapFrog toys provide exciting learning experiences to be part of each child’s journey to reach his or her full potential.

What's In The Box?
Explorer Phineas & Ferb game cartridge (compatible with LeapFrog LeapPad1 & LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablets, Leapster ExplorerGS and Leapster Explorer gaming systems), Parent Guide & Instruction Book.

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