EduKid Toys Foam Magnetic Letter 123 Pcs Rectangular Container

  • $16.99

• LARGER MAGNETIC LETTERS & NUMBERS - Better fit for small hands – (30%) thicker and easier for youngsters with smaller hands to grasp and control. Rest assured that learning and playing will now be safer rather that the choking hazards of smaller magnets. Easy-to-grip foam design makes our foam magnets taller and wider for safety and comfortable handling.

• STRONG, DURABLE & COLORFUL ALPHABET MAGNETS – Soft rounded foam magnetic letters stick to the fridge or any other magnetic surface. These larger magnets also hold foam magnetic alphabet letters in place without sliding or tilting on vertical surfaces because of the full magnetic backing on each letter. Great use with magnetic boards and easels.

• 123 PEICES OF MAGNETIC FOAM LETTERS & NUMBERS -More letters and numbers. Each set includes 78 lowercase letters (three full sets A-Z), 26 uppercase letters (one full A-Z) and 19 Numbers and Symbols. All comes in a sturdy plastic canister featuring snap shut cover with handle!

• PERFECT LEARNING TOOL WEATHER HOMESCHOOLED OR EARLY EDUCATION–Ideal for all educators interested in early childhood education. Classrooms need these letters, numbers & symbols to assist with your young readers to advance from single letter recognition to writing complete sentences. EDUKID TOYS brings you toys with a great educational value.

• EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR TODDLERS ARE CERTIFIED SAFE – Non-toxic magnets for kids, lab tested, and certified fully compliant with the U.S. Child Safety Protection Act standards. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED - If for any reason you’re not satisfied with this educational and fun foam letters & numbers set, EDUKID TOYS will refund you – no questions asked.

Foam magnetic letters for toddlers are in our opinion one of the best educational toys for kids to learn the alphabet. It is great fun to put the letters together and get whole words. Kids love it! Most popular type here are fridge magnet letters which, most likely, all of us know very well from own experience. If you want to help your preschooler with learning the letters of the alphabet, magnetic letters are what you definitely want. Plastic magnet letters with sharp edges are sometimes made from dangerous materials. That's why you should avoid buying cheap alphabet magnets. Edukid Toys make sure all our foam magnetic letters and numbers are non-toxic and safe for everyone especially kids.

Parents or educators who look for a soft version of magnetic alphabet here we recommend our Large set of foam letters. These letters are very well made of sturdy, eco-friendly foam and come in lovely bright colors. They are bigger pieces (letters, numbers) have full magnets backing, which helps them stay straight easier. The magnets alone are strong, so the pieces hold in place well on various metal surfaces. So if you're looking for quality set of foam letters and numbers that are well made and easy to use, the Edukid Toys Foam Magnetic Letters & Numbers are one of the best quality alphabet letters you will come across. These foam magnetic letters are intended for kids that are 3 years old and higher.

The set contains letters & numbers. There are 123 pcs magnets altogether – (26) uppercase, (78) lowercase foam letters and 19 numbers & symbols (0-9). Letters are packaged in a sturdy convenient bucket with easy to carry handle.

Your child's safety comes first which is why this has been lab tested and certified fully compliant with the U.S. Child Safety Protection Act standards.

Whether your child is in pre-school or just at home, you and your kids will fall in love with these wonderful foam magnet letters and numbers.


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