When Hilarious Kids Have To Say On Random Things…

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Kids are the most honest and witty being in this entire universe! Who says not? It may be nonsensical but at some point, we realize that they have the most brilliant minds.

Here are some funny and crazy no-pun-intended wisecrack from jolly kiddos.

When seeing their new sibling for the first time

Can we call the baby Littlefoot? And I'm Cera? (from the Land Before Time Movie) because you're our Mommy Dinosaur.

- Rina, age 4


Upon seeing the Rainbow Flag

I know what that rainbow flags mean. We can love any colors we want.

- Justin, age 5


Saying thank you to teachers

Thank you for teaching me words that help me scold my mom and dad when they are not listening to me.

- Freya, age 6


When at the dinner table

Eat a lot, we never know when the world will end.

- Ram, age 6


When seeing a family friend's for the first time

Mommy says I should ignore strangers and well, that's you. I don't know you. (then walked out)

-   Victoria, age 5


When siblings fight

Mom, can you barter Miguel for a lot of big Coco Crunch Box and Milk?

- Xanthe, 6


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