Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Kids Clothes

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Shopping for kids clothes can get expensive- fast. Not only do their clothes get mud-stained and torn (more clothes, please), but they are growing out of their clothes faster than you can say “grow.”

If you didn’t spend so much on your child’s ever-changing wardrobe, you could free up those funds for something more lasting and meaningful… music lessons, or the beginnings of that future adult’s college fund.

Here are some tips to keep your children well-clothed without breaking the bank!

1. Buy Off-Season

End of season sales are a great time to stock up on clothes for your kids. Retailers often offer huge discounts on items that are going out of season to make room for new inventory. Look for great deals on sweaters in Spring or half-price shorts in Fall.

Many end of season sales offer great deals on staples like t-shirts and jeans, items that can be worn year round. Keep your eyes peeled for these, and take advantage!

Bonus Tip: Whenever you buy ahead (for next summer, or next winter, for example), you’ll want to get a size larger. You can also buy larger any time of year for items that don’t need to be as form fitting- like a raincoat, sweatshirt, or ski pants, for example.

2. Local and Online Consignment Shops

Another child’s discarded clothing can be your child’s treasure. And since kids are outgrowing clothing so quickly, often parents unload large amounts of outgrown clothing that is still in very good condition.

Add local and online consignment shops like Storkbrokers and Thredup to your clothes finding routine. To add even more bang for your buck, watch out for their end of season sales!

Bonus Tip: Create Clothes-Swapping Circles with family and friends with children. You can also take advantage of a virtual “swapping” platform like Swap Baby Goods

Bonus Bonus Tip: If you make a point to purchase gender-neutral colors, it can make it even easier to swap with your circle, as well as pass down clothing from sibling to sibling.

3. Save with Kid-Focused Deal Sites

What sites like Groupon and Living Social are to adults, sites likeTotsy, The MiniSocial and Zulily are to children. Sign up with these deal sites and get huge discounts delivered to your inbox.

Bonus Tip: Create a separate email account for your “Deals” and you’ll have all these sweet discounts in one place, without them cluttering your primary inbox.

Now, we’d like to hear from you.

Are there any ways you’ve saved money on your kids’ clothes that we haven’t mentioned here. How did you do it?

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