Top 3 Most Popular Toddler Toys

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Have you been noticing that some of your toddler’s toys sit on the shelf, untouched? Has it become difficult to keep your child engaged with the things he or she currently has in their toy box?

If your toddler’s toys are starting to collect dust, it might be time to revamp their toy collection! Here are the three most popular toddler toys that are hot right now.

1. Shape Sorters

Great for babies aged 12 months and up, shape sorters offer a number of different activities that keep kids busy while also helping develop different skills, like motor skills and color recognition. Shape Sorters like this one can be used in a number of different ways. For example, your child might build a tower using the shapes. You can play color-based games with your child, asking him or her to place only shapes of a certain color inside the sorter. Our favorite sorter doubles as a bucket, so your child can easily take their toy along wherever you go – to visit family, to a restaurant or even to the beach!

2. Toy Phones

As your baby gets older and develops new abilities, you’ll soon start noticing how they imitate what you do. Toy phones are perfect for young toddlers who love to do big kid things. With a toy phone like this one, your child can make fun pretend phone calls to their friends or family members to let them know how their day is going and what exciting things they’ve been doing. The Megcos toy phone has buttons they can press to hear sounds and songs, and best of all, you can put a photo of yourself, your child or anyone else in the phone to enhance their pretend play!

3. Interactive Musical Toys

There are a lot of great things about interactive musical toys. First, they help your child learn cause and effect by playing certain sounds or songs in response to different actions your child takes. Second, they help your child learn new songs and phrases. One of our favorite musical toys is the LeapFrog Learning Friends Adventure bus. It comes with three interactive Learning Friends – Koala, Fox and Penguin – who take your child along fun pretend adventures to the beach, to the library, and on a picnic. The toy inspires imagination and features more than 20 songs, sound effects and phrases. And from now until March 13, you can enjoy a 25% discount using code GLVKHLXN at checkout!


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