Tips To Avoid Raising a Bully

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Children nowadays are not aware of what they are doing. What they see in televisions, schools, and even at home can influence their behavior.  If a child sees people talking too loudly or fighting in the street, these make them think that what they see is fun or good. As parents, we also have the biggest portion of a child’s wellbeing. What we show to them, how we treat then or even the words we say to them can make or break them. Below are some tips that we should do and should not do for our children.

1. Don't yell or shout at them 

Educate your child about the importance of speaking politely and nicely. Teaching them to talk nicely is a good habit.



2.) Cheer them up

Make them feel loved and proud of regardless of what they have achieved. Reward them by spending time over lunch or dinner, or shopping and even watching their favorite movies.

3.) Play with them

They've been good doing all their assignment and reading books at school. It's time for them to enjoy and have fun, and it is more fun if you play with them.


Bullying is the result of a child's lack of attention and doesn't feel loved at home. Family time is always the best cure for bullying mindset. You can always make your child feel special even in its simplest form. Having a happy childhood will make them a better person soon.


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