Make Your Kids A Part Of The Traditional Thanksgiving Day

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Keeping it low key this year due to the pandemic, we can still celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a quarantine-friendly way. Make your children be a part of this memorable tradition and here are some ideas to have it more fun and exciting:

Host A Karaoke Song During Thanksgiving

Compile songs that your kids can sing along to and jive with. Sing your heart out and to add more fun to it, host a virtual video call with your dear friends and family to make them also a part of the celebration.

Teach Your Kids The Gratitude game

Teach them young the value of being grateful for the blessings they receive always and to add creativity to it, let them share what they are thankful and grateful for. You'll be surprised to hear what they share. Use M&Ms or Skittles candies for each color to make it more fun.

Bring Out Their Creativity Through A Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Contest

Host a Thanksgiving arts and crafts contest and to add up to their excitement, give a prize to the creativity and effort that they've done so they will put their heart out to make a creative piece.

Have A Virtual Dinner With Your Close Friends and Family

To enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, have a virtual dinner using the online platforms, and share each one's greetings with your family and friends. Spend time with them and make them a part of your celebration even if they are in distance.

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