Make Online Class Work For Your Children

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Due to this pandemic, classes have been moved online. It is very challenging for parents to adapt to this new norm. Here are ways on how you, as a parent, support your kids in this new transition and make it work.

Create a fun learning environment

Kids love something fun, creative, and colorful. Organize their learning space with a vibe that's suitable for their age and a visual-worthy that will help them enhance their playful imagination and creativity. Avoid having them distracted because of their environment. 

Help your kids to understand rather than teaching them

Observe and learn how their brain works and the level of learning for them. Kids are all unique. They have different characteristics when it comes to the learning process, you have to set an expectation according to how they can grasp unto things. It isn't always easy, but as a parent, you have to keep pace with them and give them more time to think and process. Figure out what works best for your kids.

Boost their motivation 

Kids are sensitive. They watch what you do. Sometimes they don't learn with what you are saying but what you do to them. Make them feel that a little mistake is not bad at all and they have to learn from it. Make them feel that they are supported and loved by their parents. Encourage them to complete their work and help them find their motivation. Encourage them to openly talk about what they learn and what they don't so you can help them understand and give answers to their questions. To help them get motivated, building a reward system, and giving them positive feedback is recommended.

Give them a break

When you see that they get distracted, feeling frustrated, or anxious. Allow them playtime with their toys or watch their favorite cartoons during extra breaks. Be flexible with your schedule and during this time, you may get in touch with your kid's teacher to discuss how things are working on your end and if there are any academic issues that their teachers can help them with. Be proactive in communicating with their teacher especially if your kids are struggling in class or have difficulties working on completion of tasks or assignments.

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