Inspire Your Child’s Inner Artist with One-Line Drawings

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The blank face of a clean whiteboard can be intimidating for anyone whose inner artist is screaming to come out, but doesn’t know how! Overcome the creative block and inspire your child to unleash his or her inner artist with one-line drawings!

You can save paper and mess by using a whiteboard or easel for this activity. If your child creates a drawing they’d like to hold onto, take a picture of it for them that you can print later.


Draw an animal in one line

A single line can go a long way! Challenge your young artist to see what he or she can create without picking up the marker from the whiteboard.

If your child argues that a one-line drawing is a waste of time, ask them to consider this: Picasso made an entire collection of one-line animal drawings! Here are some examples of one-line animal drawings, including two of Picasso’s for inspiration:

Picasso’s one-line penguin

 Picasso’s one-line dog

 One-line bunny

One-line rooster

What one-line animal can your child draw? Share your images in the comments below!



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