Have A Safe and Healthy Christmas For Your Kids

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This is the most awaited season of the year but because of the pandemic, we got to hold off our social gatherings. Don't feel any pressure canceling plans due to COVID scare. There are still so many things you can do together with your family while keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and at the same protecting your loved ones against the virus.

Sit With Your Kids and Plan the Holiday With Them

After all that happened for the past months, it is a big adjustment for the kids. It is the right time to ask them how they want to celebrate Christmas and make them a part of it. Let them choose what theme for the family, let them help decide on the Christmas decorations to put in the Christmas tree and what foods to prepare during the Christmas Eve dinner.

Keep Them Busy In Preparation For Christmas

Divert their attention from getting bored from staying indoors, have them create fun activities about Christmas. Make your kids write their Christmas Wishlist and have them insert it in their Christmas socks. Have them create a handwritten Christmas card for their friends and relatives that you would not get to see during the holiday. Teach them how to wrap their gifts for the family. They will surely enjoy these activities.

Let Them Surprise You With Their Christmas Gifts

Kids are limited to go out of the house. As a parent, you need to guide them in buying their gifts, accompanying them in a nearby store to get what they want to give as gifts, and guide them in ordering online. Give them space when they are buying so they will feel the excitement of buying little gifts for the family even if it’s just a simple candy or something that they can afford. Let them also know that material gifts aren’t important and the value of Christmas is spending time with family. During the opening of gifts, thank them and appreciate the gift that they’ve put any effort into.

Celebrate The Holidays Virtually

Zoom-ing or Facetiming is the new trend these days especially during occasions that we miss our dear family, relatives, and friends that we cannot see personally. In this way, you can all practice safe protocols and protect each other from getting the virus inside your house. Make sure the video conference is up as soon as the clock strikes midnight and have a merry virtual Christmas together!


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