Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

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Earth Day is an important reminder for us to appreciate the planet and its many gifts. This is a great occasion to celebrate with your kids, to help them appreciate what they have, learn more about the environment & sustainability, and of course – have fun!

Here are five fun Earth Day activities for kids that you can do this April 22:

Make a reusable bag

Using new bags every time we shop wreaks havoc on the environment, especially the plastic ones. Did you know it takes 1,000 years for a plastic bag to break down?

Treat the planet right, while enjoying creative time with your kids by making a reusable bag. Simply purchase some basic rectangular bags w/ handles, have your kids select some heavy fabric they like, and sew the fabric into the bags.

For an alternative option, you and your kids can draw pictures onto a canvas tote. Now, you have a reusable Earth-friendly bag infused with family creativity!

Make a birdfeeder

Making can be a great activity for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a very hands-on project, involving pinecones, (sometimes) peanut butter, and possibly a milk jug or soda bottle (which can be decorated).

Second, it can be fun for your kids to think about the treat they are creating for the birds, and even more fun to see the birds, in action, enjoying this delight. Check out these fun birdfeeder tutorials:

Pinecone Birdhouse »

Upcycled Birdhouse »

Plant something

Having your child plant something…a flower, a tree, or even food…can be an incredibly powerful act and another great way to remember the importance of Earth Day.

With care, their plant will grow into something even bigger and better, and isn’t it the same for your kids?

Bonus: Add some homemade plant markers for extra fun.

Enjoy the outdoors

Get some exercise and build your children’s appreciation for the environment by taking a nature walk or hike. You could even pack a picnic and enjoy food (and some down) time halfway through.

To enrich the experience, consider taking a camera and letting your children snap pictures, or they could bring a sketch book, or a journal. Given that some sun peeks through on Earth Day, this is often the ideal weather to take a hike.

Recycling Games

Mary Poppins thought of cleaning as a game, and boy did that work! Making recycling a game works too, and can be fun to kick off on Earth Day, and continue throughout the year. Check out these sites for a variety of game ideas:

Recycling Facts and Crafts Packet »

Recycling Think and Sort Game »

Online Recycling Game »

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