4 Boredom Busters To Your Kids At Home During Pandemic

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1. Change Your Daily Routine

Children tend to get bored with the same repetitive daily routine. Spice it up with daily challenges and prepare a sweet reward for them. Ask them what they love to do and what fun activities they’d want you to be a part of. By rotating or shifting to other activities regularly, will also limit your kids from TV or gadget viewing.

2. Initiate A Fun Way To Exercise

Since sports activities have been cancelled, exercise is the best way to keep a kid’s mind and body active. Kids will be more active when the whole family participates during the exercise session. Blast it with fun and kid-friendly music to boost up the energy. You may also use online kid-friendly fitness videos from Youtube for your children. 

3. Let Them Stay Social

A part of the new normal nowadays is social distancing, but it doesn’t mean it will stop your kids from socializing with their friends. Social Media is a huge part of the new norm while all of us are at home during these trying times. It still keeps us bonded with our dear friends and loved ones that we don’t get to physically see. Let your kids socialize with their friends but let them take regular breaks from it and encourage them to open up to you as parents for any worries or feelings they’ve encountered while socializing with their friends. You may also set play-dates using Skype, Facebook, or Zoom, so your children can still feel connected to their friends.

4. Encourage To Do Fun Activities Than Netflix

Teach and introduce fun activities to your kids while they are at home. Spend an hour or two with them like cooking, arts and crafting, indoor games, board games, learning life skills and new house chores, and any other screen-free fun activities.

Children will have a different take on the current situation right now, some may fully understand it and some may don’t. It is our responsibility as parents, to keep them on track even while staying at home and protect them from any alarming news that they might worry about. Children can easily adapt to new changes. While they’re young, it will instill in their minds that their parents will always be their safeguard.


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