3 Benefits of Pets Inside a Workplace

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Leaving our beloved pets at home when we leave work every morning is heartbreaking. However, what if our furry friends could be a beneficial addition in the office? Here are 3 benefits why pet-friendly workspace is entitled to our furry friends. 

1. Pets Reduce Stress

Every job comes with different levels of stress. Either good or bad, this stress could affect your job performance, relationship with co-workers, and productivity. Fortunately, having pets in the office has been a great tool to fight the work-stress we all deal with everyday. The Telegraph’s Pete Wedderburn as quoted, “Patting pets has been proven to reduce stress, whether you own the pet or not. Patting and stroking your pets reduces the blood pressure, changes your state into a more relaxing vibe, and makes you feel good.”

2. Having Office Pets Encourages Co-Workers Collaboration

In some offices, it is easy to stay in your desk, be unmindful of the things around especially your co-workers when you’re busy. Pets help develop mutual bonds between co-workers and maintain a healthy working relationship among them. Fortunately, dogs are like the greatest ice-breakers. They glue everyone together. In that way, it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with your co-workers around you. Coming together as a team can surely create a friendly work-place experience.


3. If You Impose a Pet-Friendly Workspace, You Will Never Be Alone

Encouraging employees to bring their dogs to the office is a wonderful idea, although it is not a new one. Research shows that big company names that have pet benefits include Amazon, Google, Ticketmaster, and PetSmart Corporate. It shows their best office practices and one is providing a pet-friendly workspace for everyone. It is very impressive and assuring to know that these acknowledge the benefits of having pets like dogs in their office.
 Although this is true, it is still important to ensure safety and synchronized office environments. For example, it is important to make sure the office stays hygienically clean, aggressive dogs or pets shouldn’t be allowed in the office, and pets must have an up-to-date vaccine shot. Additionally, it may be beneficial to set aside a “No pets allowed” for people who are pet allergic or aren’t fond of pets.


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