3 ABC Magnet Games for the Beginning Speller

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It’s so exciting when our little ones start learning new things! Spelling is an exciting skill that opens up a whole new world for young learners. Using a colorful magnetic alphabet set, you can make learning how to spell so much fun for your child!

Here are three ABC magnet games for the beginning speller that each use a magnetic alphabet set and a magnetic surface like a refrigerator or magnetic whiteboard.


1. What’s that item?

This game helps your child learn the first letter of common objects like sunglasses, a watch, a towel or a shoe. The basic idea is to ask your child to determine the first letter for every object, but there are a few ways to play. The first one requires some drawing skills on your part! If you’re up for it, try this: Using post-it notes, create a simple drawing of one item on each note. Stick the notes on your magnetic surface (such as your refrigerator) and ask your child to place the first letter of each item using ABC magnets alongside the post-it note drawing. Not up for drawing? You can also play this game using stickers of different items if you have them. Or, just use actual items! For example, you might show your child a fork and ask him or her to choose the letter that begins the word “fork.”


2. Match that word!

Grab some post-it notes and write a short word on each one. Some words you could use are: dog, cat, hat, boot. If you’re feeling very creative, you might also include a simple drawing of whatever word you wrote. Place the post-it notes on your refrigerator and ask your child to match each word by spelling it using the magnetic alphabet set just next to the post-it note. If you have a magnetic whiteboard, you can skip the post-it notes and just write the words directly on the whiteboard using a dry-erase marker, and ask your child to match each word with magnet letters. As your child becomes a more advanced speller, you can play this game using only drawings, asking your child to spell each word on his or her own!


3. Teach phonic word families!

Alphabet letters are great for teaching phonic word families! Start with “at” words – Put the letters “a” and “t” on your magnetic surface and ask your child to put different letters before the “at” to create different words. If he or she needs help, you can encourage them by offering a few ideas, like “hat,” “cat,” and “bat.” Next, try the same activity with “op” words, and guide your child to discovering how to spell words like “top,” “mop,” and “hop.”

Are there any other fun ABC magnet spelling games your child enjoys? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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