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Nick Wilde and Finnick are con-artists who scheme together to outfox the good citizens of Zootopia. The 2.5” Nick Figure and 1.5” Finnick figure are poseable and are in scale with all of the other Zootopia Character Pack Figures. Your child can collect the entire herd of the Zootopia Character Pack Figures and Vehicles and recreate the scenes from Zootopia!Nick is a charming, clever, fast-talking fox. Together, he and his partner Finnick- a fennec fox - use their sly fox nature to pull off scams.

The Nick Figure is 2.5” tall and has poseable arms, neck, legs, and tail. Don’t let this sly fox fool you. He may not be the mightiest mammal, but he’s so tricky he’d sell you the shirt off your own back!Finnick is a fennec fox and small-time con–artist with a big chip on his shoulder. He’s bitter about always being mistaken for a toddler. The Finnick Figure has a poseable neck and stands at 1.5” tall. No wonder everyone thinks he’s just a kid! 

  • Officially licensed Disney Zootopia Characters
  • 2 Figure Pack includes Nick Wilde and Finnick
  • 2.5" Nick Figure features poseable arms, neck, legs, and tail
  • 1.5" Finnick Figure features poseable neck
  • Nick and Finnick Figures in scale with all other Zootopia Character & Vehicle sets
  • Hop To It! Collect all of the Character Packs to recreate the rip-roaring world of Zootopia

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