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Mayor Leodore Lionheart is Zootopia’s bold and noble leader. It is because of him and his mane belief that anyone in Zootopia can become anything - lemmings can be successful businessmen, and Judy Hopps can become the first bunny cop.The poseable 3.5” Mayor Lionheart Figure and 1” Lemming Businessman Figure are in scale with all of the other Zootopia Character Pack Figures. Your child can collect the entire herd of the Zootopia Character Pack Figures and Vehicles to recreate the scenes from Zootopia!Mayor Leodore Lionheart is the noble leader of Zootopia. He believes all mammals deserve the chance to follow their dreams, and he isn’t li-on!

The Mayor Lionheart Figure is 3.5” tall and has poseable arms and legs. Zootopia’s fearless lion of a leader is revered by all of Zootopia’s animal citizens.Mayor Lionheart’s belief that all mammals deserve the chance to follow their dreams has encouraged lemmings to break free from the rat race and become successful business mammals. The Lemming Businessman Figure stands at 1” tall. Lemmings, being the loyal followers that they are, are in good hands with Mayor Lionheart as their leader.

  • Officially licensed Disney Zootopia Characters
  • 2 Figure Pack includes Mayor Lionheart and Lemming Businessman
  • 3.5" Mayor Lionheart Figure features poseable arms and legs
  • Lemming Businessman Figure stands at 1" tall 
  • Mayor Lionheart and Lemming Businessman Figures in scale with all other Zootopia Character & Vehicle sets
  • Hop To It! Collect all of the Character Packs to recreate the rip-roaring world of Zootopia

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