Designed for babies from birth up to 24 months, it is made to delight babies and stimulate their natural curiosity. Developed in conjunction with child development experts from Yale University, Stretch comes complete with a portable Lamaze link clip for easy attachment to strollers, carriers, and diaper bags. Stimulates Baby's Vision and Auditory Skills When babies are first born, they see in black and white. This is why Stretch strikes a balance between bright, high contrast patterns that help stimulate baby's vision, and bold solid colors that give baby's eyes a place to rest. Sounds like rattle, crinkle, jingle, chime and squeak also help stimulate and develop baby's auditory skills. Finally, Stretch's large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus and stare at a single object, which can help calm baby while supporting healthy eye development.
  • Two sides of play! Rusty's ratcheting head allows you to mix and match his body
  • Large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus on a single object, supporting healthy eye development
  • Ribbons, crinkle, and soft textures invite baby to explore, stimulating tactile senses.
  • Floppy legs encourage pulling, squeezing, and hugging, strengthening muscles.
  • Lamaze link is easily attachable to a stroller, carrier bar, or diaper bag for on-the-go play.
  • Developmental Play for Baby
  • Bright, high-contrast patterns and colors stimulate baby's vision.
  • Jingles, crinkles, and other sounds develop auditory skills.
  • Textures & mirrors encourage exploration and discovery.
  • Lamaze toys are designed in conjunction with child development experts.

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