Experience exciting 3D and 360-degree entertainment on your iPhone or iPod touch with the MY3D Viewer. Simply insert your Apple device into the viewer to enjoy 3D gaming and 360-degree experiences. The viewer's thumbholes provide access to your touchscreen, so you can control apps and play interactive MY3D games. Specially formatted MY3D apps are available in the App Store for eye-popping entertainment.

PLEASE NOTE: MY3D works with specially formatted content only. Not all apps provide 360-degree functionality. Charges may apply for some apps. iPhone/iPod touch not included.

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MY3D Viewer (Black)
At a Glance:
  • Lets you enjoy 3D games and 360-degree experiences on your iPhone/iPod touch
  • Uses your iPhone/iPod touch gyroscope to provide immersive entertainment
  • Sets up easily
  • Works with a variety of exciting 3D apps available from the App Store
  • Includes four adapter trays to fit iPhone/iPod touch models
  • Requires no wires or batteries
  • Charges and syncs your iPhone/iPod touch without removing it from the viewer
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MY3D Viewer Product Shot
MY3D Viewer Product Shot
Discover interactive 3D and 360-degree entertainment on your iPhone and iPod touch (shown in black).
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MY3D Viewer Product Shot
Simply slip your Apple device into the cradle and enjoy immersive gaming and video entertainment (shown in black). View larger.
View Your iPhone and iPod touch in 3D
Designed specifically for iPhone and iPod touch, the MY3D Viewer lets you experience 3D games and 360-degree entertainment in a brand new way. Simply insert your device into the viewer to enjoy a variety of 3D and 360-degree-enhanced apps, many of which are free from the App Store.

The MY3D Viewer includes four adapter trays sized to fit iPhone and iPod touch devices. Your device quickly snaps in and out--no wires or batteries are required. For added convenience, you can charge and sync your device while the viewer is connected.

MY3D Viewer Product Shot
Available in white and black designs.
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MY3D Viewer Product Shot
Comes with four cradles to fit your specific model of iPhone or iPod touch (shown in black).
Get an Ultimate Immersive Gaming Experience
Designed to use your Apple device's gyroscope, MY3D apps let you tilt and turn your way to an ultimate immersive 3D gaming experience. The viewer's thumbholes allow access to the touchscreen, so you can control your apps and play interactive 3D games.

Apps Deliver 3D Games and Videos
The first step in using the MY3D Viewer is to download the free MY3D PRESENTS... app from the App Store. This introductory app lets you sample a variety of MY3D content, including 3D movie trailers, video demos of MY3D apps, slide shows, and more.

Other MY3D apps offer a wide variety of exciting 3D games and 360-degree experiences. For example, action lovers can race futuristic hover vehicles through dangerous underground courses in MY3D TUNNEL PILOT. Or you can become the galaxy's last line of defense in MY3D SECTOR 17, a one-of-a-kind 360-degree first-person shooter. The MY3D SHATTERSTORM app is a futuristic pilot shooter that requires a fast trigger finger to rack up points as you destroy enemies. For the puzzle lover, MY3D BUBBLE BOLT lets you tilt and move the viewer to navigate past obstacles and through mazes.

And for those looking for an immersive 360-degree experience, MY3D 360 SHARKS lets you explore the deepest oceans, hunt for prey, and search for shipwrecks and treasure in a virtual 360-degree underwater adventure. Additionally, MY3D TELEPORT L.A. gives you an exciting 360-degree virtual tour of the City of Angels.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
The MY3D Viewer is compatible with iPhone (3G, 3GS, and 4) and iPod touch (2G, 3G, and 4G). To find out which apps are compatible with your device, go to the App Store for details.

What's in the Box
MY3D Viewer, four adapter trays, and instructions.

  • 3D viewer gives you access to special 3D games, videos and apps with your iPhone or iPod touch!
  • Download the free MY3D app from the Apple App Store to get started!
  • iPhone/iPod touch quickly snaps in and out!
  • You can charge and sync your iPhone/iPod touch without removing it from the viewer!
  • For use only with iPhone/iPod touch devices. iPhone/iPod touch not included.

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